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Gastric Plication Surgery

Gastric Plication is one of the newest and fastest emerging weight loss surgery options for potential patients. The surgery offers a variety of advantages that really set it apart from other bariatric surgery options including ease of surgery and cost. Read more below to understand everything that gastric plication has to offer and to decide if this surgery might be the best choice for you.

How Does Gastric Plication Surgery Work?

Gastric Plication Surgery

Gastric plication works by reducing the size of the stomach simply by making it smaller with stitches. This surgery does not involve any cutting, rerouting or banding like other surgeries do which makes it a very unique option. Gastric plication surgery is a restrictive procedure in that it aids with weight loss by physically limiting the amount of food that can be taken in. There is no malabsorptive element to this procedure.

Gastic plication is performed laparoscopically and reduces the size of the stomach up to 70% and because there is not cutting or removing of any portion of the stomach, the procedure is reversible or able to converted to another weight loss surgery.

Advantages of the Gastric Plication

The following are just some of the advantages and reasons why gastric plication is quickly gaining popularity as the weight loss surgery choice for many people

The advantage of gastric plication surgery include:

  • Not cutting of the stomach means that the surgery is reversible
  • Typically gastric plication is a less expensive surgery
  • Average surgery time is less than 1 hour (50 minutes)
  • Patients return to normal activities on average within 7 days of surgery
  • Does not interfere with the absorption of nutrients
  • Smaller % of patients experience complications
  • Early results show weight loss of up to 65%
  • Virtually no possibility of stomach or intestinal leaks due to not using stapes or the cutting or rerouting of the intestines.

Disadvantages of the Gastric Plication

While there are a lot of advantages to Gastric Plication, there are still potential drawbacks that everyone should be made aware of in advance.

  • Short term side effects such as nausea are still present
  • No long term results or data yet due to it's new use
  • Insurance less likely to cover due to it being new and unproven in the long term
  • Chance of weight re-gain increased due to being a purely restrictive procedure

Who is Gastric Plication Intended For?

Typically this surgery is recommended to people who are 50 to 100 pounds overweight and have a BMI of at least 30. This surgery is a simpler, less invasive, surgery than many of the other weight loss surgeries .

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