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Gastric Sleeve FAQ

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions about gastric sleeve. These questions should be used as a guide to help you understand what to expect after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery and if this surgery is the best option for you. If you have additional questions that are not addressed here or in within the other gastric sleeve surgery pages, please contact us.

  1. What is the major surgical advantage of gastric sleeve over other weight loss surgery options? - Gastric sleeve surgery does not reroute any of the intestines similar to what happens with gastric bypass surgery and there are no foreign devices implanted in the body which is what occurs for gastric banding patients.

  2. Is Gastric Sleeve surgery reversible? - No. The gastric sleeve is not reversible. The procedure is performed laparoscopically and works by removing (permanently) a large portion of the stomach.

  3. Will my diet change after gastric sleeve? - The simple answer is yes. The longer answer is, yes it will change but the reason for the change is you will not be able to eat as much as you did before surgery and if you truly want to be successful with your weight loss in the long run patients will have to choose their food wisely to ensure that they are getting all the necessary nutrients that the body needs. Typically diet will consist of high protein and low fats and sugars. Read more about the phased diet approach after gastric sleeve surgery.

  4. Is this surgery expensive? Will Insurance cover the cost? - Gastric sleeve, like most other bariatric surgeries, is not a small amount of money. On average the surgery itself can cost around $10,000 and can rise over $20,000 when you add up all the related costs that go along with it. In recent years insurance companies have been covering the cost of this surgery with increasing frequency. Read more about the factors affecting the cost of gastric sleeve surgery and what you should expect

  5. Am I qualified for gastric sleeve surgery? - With a few nuances, the qualification criteria for most bariatric surgery options is very similar. There are a few factors that you must fulfill before you are considered eligible for surgery. Read more about the criteria to qualify for bariatric surgery

  6. What kind of staples are used in gastric sleeve surgery? - High grade medical grade titanium staples are used for creating your new smaller stomach pouch. These staples are permanent and will likely not impact your daily life or ability to have an MRI in the future.

  7. How much weight will I lose after having gastric sleeve surgery? - Weight loss will vary depending on individual circumstance but initial long term study data has shown that patients on average lose 57% of their excess body weight at the 5 year mark after having gastric sleeve surgery. Read more about what kind of weight loss you can expect.